FFL Transfers

We can help you buy a gun through the mail,

from a catalog or from the internet legally & hassle free.

FFL Transfer Fee is $40.00 for incoming firearms

Some Questions & Answers about FFL transfers to help if you have never bought a gun over the internet

Is it legal to buy guns over the internet?
Yes. All modern firearms must by law be transferred from a Federally Licensed dealer to the buyer via another FFL holder. That is why shops that sell guns only ship firearms to a FFL holder for subsequent transfer to their customers.

If you do not have an FFL you can still order online.

  • First, contact us (an official FFL holder) and get our permission to have a gun shipped to our store for you.
  • Typically you are the billing contact and we are the shipping address.
  • Next, we will send a signed in ink copy of our FFL to the shop from which you plan to buy.
  • Then the gun will ship the firearm to us
  • We will call you to pick up the gun from us meeting all local, state, and federal laws.

How much does Tucson Guns charge to do a gun transfer for me?
If you wish to order a gun from somewhere else and have it sent to us so you can pick it up here, the fee is $40.00 for each incoming firearm (NFA transfers are $200).

If we receive a gun to transfer to you and you are a prohibited from owning it, you will be responsible for all costs related to shipping it back to the place you bought it from.

  • Transfer In = $40 Per Firearm

  • Transfer Out = $50 + Shipping Fee (depending on size of firearm) + Insurance Costs (Through USPS)

Why is the signed FFL copy required to be sent to the seller before an Internet or mail order purchase can be shipped?
Possession of the FFL copy bearing an original ink signature is required legally to ensure that the destination of the firearm is the same as the shipping address on the license. This prevents fraud and the unlawful delivery of firearms to underage or prohibitive persons. All FFLs must be current and we check each against the BATF’s online database of current and valid FFLs.

What is an FFL?
FFL is the abbreviation for a Federal Firearm License, a U.S. Government issued license required by individuals or companies in the business of selling firearms. FFL holders can also provide the service of “transferring” firearms to individuals who buy the firearm elsewhere and had it shipped to a local FFL holder meeting all local, state, and federal laws.

Where can I find a FFL to do the transfer for my online firearm purchase?
We assume that’s why you are reading this page. We can provide FFL transfers from our shop. In addition most of your local gun & pawn shops have a FFL license and will perform the transfer for a small fee. Also, any individual holding a FFL license can do the transfer for you.

Can I provide background check information over the phone before I pick up my firearm?
No. By law, the required paperwork (ATF form 4473) is to be filled out in the presence of a Tucson Guns designated employee. The background check will be initiated with the FBI NICS at the time the form is filled out.

How old do I have to be to purchase a firearm?
In Arizona, the legal age is 18 yrs. for shotgun and rifles and 21 yrs. for handguns. Of course, each state can have it’s own age and eligibility requirements for firearms purchases. It is YOU the BUYER’s responsibility to know your local and state laws. Check with your local police department, gun store or FFL holder before making any firearm purchase.