Class 3 Dealer

Did you know that it’s completely legal to own
a suppressor or full-auto weapon
in most states including Arizona?

We are a Federally Licensed Class 3 Dealer

00-05-22-08-0012NFA (Class 3) Items are;

  • Suppressors (aka silencers)
  • Short Barreled RiflesSBR
  • Short Barreled ShotgunsSBS
  • Any Other Weapon AOW
    (aka Pen Guns, Very Short Shotguns, Flare Launchers, etc)
  • Full Auto (aka machineguns)

NFA Transfers

We offer NFA / Title II / Class 3 type transfers from an out of state dealer to customers in Arizona. We will help you complete all of the ATF / paperwork for the NFA item.